Nurse's Notes February 2020

Prescription Orders:

Farmington Hills Inn is obligated to follow physician's orders regarding medications. We cannot discontinue or add any medications without written authorization from the resident's doctor. If you would like any changes made to a resident's precription regimen, you must bring us the paper scripts or have the physician fax it to us. This includes over the counter medications like Tylenol, aspirin, eye drops, creams/ointments etc.

Personal Item Reminders:

As a reminder, for the safety of all of our rsidents, residents are not permitted to have space heaters, electri blankets, coffee pots, or any other heat producing items in their room. All refrigerators must have a thermometer inside and plugged directly into the wall. Power strips must be UL approved. Please be sure to label any and all personal items in resident rooms. This will help our staff and families keep better track of items for our residents.

Outside Physicians:

If you are using an outside physician, they must be able to sign and return any orders or prescription changes in a timely manner. Nadia Kent is the visiting nurse practitioner at Farmington Hills Inn and sees patients on Monday and Thursday mornings. She offers swift communication with our Wellness Center and can generally treat issues in a more convenient manner than an outside physician. Please contact the Wellness Center if you would like your loved one to see Nadia Kent.