Nurse's Notes December 2020

Beating the Winter Blues:
Call it the winter blues or blahs, seasonal sadness does occur. As the days get shorter and colder we tend to spend more time indoors and being more sedentary which impacts our energy. You can help fight the feeling of being blue by taking these steps:

Get some rays. Seasonal changes affect people differently. Some people tend to feel more sluggish and less energetic. Get some sunshine, 20 minutes a day, seems to be the key.
Keep up regular physical activity. Take a walk, or try a new exercise routine at home.
Eat a variety of foods. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Colder weather makes us crave sweets and starches, be mindful to keep protein in your diet.
Socialize. Make contact with friends and family. Try zoom or skype. Call an old friend you haven't talked to in a while. Play board games with the kids.
Pamper yourself. Try a hot bubble bath, read a good book, or drink a cup of tea.

Most importantly, remember it is a season and it will be warm again soon!