News You Can Use October 2019


If your loved one has a refrigerator in his or her room, you must have a thermometer inside. Farmington Hills Inn is not responsible for the ceaning or maintenance of these personal appliances so please be sure to check dates on food, sanitize and defrost regularly. Any item with a concentrator (such as a refrigerator or oxygen concentrator) must be plugged directly into the wall and NOT into a power strip. All power strips must be NSF approved with a built in surge protector. Please make the extra effort this month to follow up on each of these issues.


We are once again approaching flu season. Please make sure to wash your hands when you enter and leave the building and after having contact with residents. If you or another visitor are ill, please postpone your visit! Hand sanitizing stations are located at each entrance. We need your help to prevent the spread of illnessamong our staff and residents.