Men's Health Awareness Month 2020

The start of summer is always a great time to get outside and get active. It's the 26th annual men's Health Month. the facts about Men's Health:

  • Men are at a greater risk of death in every age group

  • Men have a higher rate of suicide than women

  • Men have a higher rate of workplace injuries than women

  • Men do not get physical exams from physicians as often as women

Here are some top ideas for celebrating Men's Health Week and promoting male health all throughout Men's Health Month:

  1. Excercise - Walk, run, bike, hike, garden, play ball. Find a type of exercise that gets their heart pumping and accompany them for 30 minutes at least several times a week.

  2. Examine - Schedule a physical. Setting a health baseline and completing early screenings with a physician is important. Be sure to write any health questions down and take along to the appointment. It can oten be difficult to remember everything in the moment.

  3. Cook - Plan and cook a healthy meal together. Collect the ingredients from a local store or farmer's market.

  4. Talk - Turn off the television or video game and spend a little time catching up with some good old-fashioned conversation.

  5. Educate - Seek out a health fair in your community or at your gym. Learn about important topics like blood pressure, cholesterol, prostate and colon cancer, and body fat.

  6. Try - Sign up for a medication class to lower stress or a yoga class to increase flexibility. Learing new things slows brain aging.

  7. Share - It's easy to start new programs and often hard to keep them going. Include other male friends and family in your plans and cheer each other on to a healthier future.

  8. Gear up for Father's Day and early sumer weekends and let Men's Health Month be the driving theme to get your favorite men on the move and excited about improving their health!