Foods that can Zap your Energy

What you eat gives you energy. But some kinds of foods are more like a burst, while other types keep you going longer. Do you know what's got staying power and what's a quick hit?

Simple Carbs - Think pasta, white bread, crackers, candy and sweets. Food made with lots of sugar or refined white flour don't have much fiber for your body to break down. This lets sugar get into your bloodstream really fast. You may get a quick burst of energy, but when your blood sugar drops you will feel sluggish.

Sugary drinks - These include sports and energy drinks, regular soda, and some fruit juices. You may get some pep in your step, but not for long. Some of these drinks have caffeine in them as well. If you drink too much and can't sleep well, that means you'll be tired in the morning.

Wine, Beer & Liquor - Alcohol can make you drowsy. If you drink it at night, you may find it easy to fall asleep. However, you will probably wake up when the nightcap wears off after a few hours. When your sleep is choppy, you can feel tired the next day. Alcohol can also relax the muscles in your throat, which can make sleep apnea worse.