Dry Eyes and What You Can Do About Them

If your eyes are dry you might feel like you have sand in your eyes, or they might burn or itch. Your eyes need moisture. This helps them work the way they are supposed to and keeps them comfortable. If your body is not producing enough moisture for your eyes it can cause pain and sometimes affect your eyesight.

Your tears soothe the surface of your eyes and protect them from things like debris and infection. Each time you blink, they go over your eyes, then drain into the inner corners of your eyelids to the back of your nose.

Dry eye syndrome can be caused by age, autoimmune disease and previous eye surgeries such as LASIK. Low humidity or too much computer screen time can also cause dry eyes.

What you can do:

  • Using artificial tears or ointment can provide relief for dry eyes.

  • Adding flax oil to your diet may help keep eyes moist.

  • Stay away from things that can irritate or dry your eyes such as hair dryers, air conditioning, wind and smoke. Using protective eyewear also helps keep mositure around your eyes.